What is GP12 inspection?

GP12” refers to General Motors Targets for Excellence General Procedures No. 12, also called “Early Production Containment (GM-1920).” This is just one link in an elaborate chain of quality-control procedures used by GM in automotive manufacturing. There are general quality-control procedures used by all the big auto manufacturers; each company has its own set of special QC requirements. GP12 is just one of a series of steps GM follows to maintain a flow of quality parts to its assembly plants in the U.S. and elsewhere. This larger procedure is called the “production part approval process,” or PPAP.

The full list of GM-specific PPAP requirements can be found in the document titled “GM Customer Specifics — ISO/TS 16949,” published in October 2010.

GP12 Early Production Containment

In general, when a new part has been designed and has moved into the production phase, GM requires suppliers to establish a pre-launch control procedure in which 100 percent of the parts manufactured are “contained” (that is, not allowed to move on through the supply chain) and inspected. This GP-12 procedure lasts for a specified time period or until a specified number of parts has been inspected.

More on the specifics of GP12 requirements in the next blog. Milligan Workshops can provide GP12 inspection services.

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